Saturday, July 15, 2017

In His time

"God answers prayers in his time,in his way.

Back in 2001 while living in Sacramento California, I received a special gift one that money can't buy. 

During this time I had moved several times, including a move back to Colorado.

 In my travels I carelessly missed placed this special gift. I searched every where I could think of with no luck in finding my gift.

I asked around in hopes that some one would be able to guide me in obtaining a replacement. I knew deep in my heart it was a gamble.

After some time I gave up hope and put it out of my mind. I realized that through my carelessness my gift was lost to me here upon this earth.

Or so I thought!

Our heavenly Father has a way of answering prayers when you least expect. His timing is not mans'

Recently I was invited to join a social group. My first reaction was, not another group invite!

I reluctantly joined, thinking I wouldn't participate much. Boy was I wrong! I read their post's and shared some of their photos ect...

As I was scrolling through their page a question caught my eye.

 The person had fallen into the same dilemma as I had.

They too had lost a precious gift and was asking this group if they knew where they could find help in obtaining a copy of their gift.

As I sat at the edge of my seat reading all the answers  hope had filled my heart. Maybe just maybe I too can find the answer I was looking for.

Some of the lovely souls were helpful some gave little hope for the person asking. 

I didn't let this stop me from following the groups advice to the person asking for answers. I went to the web site some had suggested and followed the instructions to the letter.

Then the wait was on. This was going to be hard! I didn't know if and when I would hear back and was I really ready to hear the answer? 

What if I was waiting in vain? What if they couldn't help me? Oh all the questions that ran through my mind.

It wasn't long before I received an email asking me to return to the site and log back in. With my heart beating in my throat and with shaky hands I logged in.

There in bold letter were the  words I was hoping for, request filled!

I sat there staring at my computer screen, in disbelief. My long awaited prayer had been answered! The lost had been found, hope filled my heart as I sat there in my chair giving thanks to my "Lord for returning my treasure. 

This time I won't be so careless with this priceless gift.

It may have taken my "Lord sixteen (16) years to answer my prayer, but it was in his time and not in mans'!

Never give up hope in having your prayers answered. "God does hear you even when you think he isn't listening.


Psalms 34: 17 The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth  them out of all their troubles".

Writer: Victoria E. Miera

All Photos belong to Victoria E. Miera

Do not use with out giving proper credit

All copyrights belong to CaliTRose/ Victoria E. Miera

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